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Junior Business Analyst -Technical Documentation

Auckland, NZ / Queenstown, NZ

Product Development, Full Time, Permanent, Remote Friendly

About Solta Labs


Solta Labs is the heart of the Solta Business Group and responsible for creating and delivering world class applications and digital products that are empowering innovative companies to achieve success.  We have built a reputation for delivering reliable, market centric products on time and on budget through a diverse team of solution architects, product managers, UI/UX designers, software & test automation engineers and full stack developers.


Research and Development (R&D) is a key part of the Labs services, where we work closely with those who are looking to solve some of today’s challenges.

About the role

As a Junior Business Analyst with a specialty in Technical Documentation you will be responsible for the development and delivery of the project scope and solution requirements. This role will see you participating in different parts of the entire technology development process, from idea to delivery, working alongside a talented team and contributing your ideas to solve real world problems.


This role will be based in Solta’s Auckland or Queenstown office but with the flexibility to work from home part time or during lockdown. This role will report directly to the head of product but will require close collaboration with the internal product team, engineering team and the sales and marketing team. You will also be required to communicate with key stakeholders such as clients, investors and end users.


What you’ll be doing


As a business analyst who specialises in technical documentation, your duties will include:


  • Comprehending problems, challenges and requirements and documenting scope and solutions via statement of work (SOW) documents, user stories, wireframes and agile project plans.

  • Estimating and managing project timelines and communicating project status with the Solta team and external stakeholders.

  • Research and development of the latest technology solutions relevant to Solta’s core product and commercial strategic position. 

  • Continual professional development of knowledge and skills that support your career and the company’s objectives.

  • Use of research-related theories and methods to support your recommendations and solution architecture.

  • Take the initiative in providing input and feedback in both departmental discussions and on issues relating to other departments.


Your skills, experience & education

  • Excellent written and verbal communication is absolutely the most important skill for success in this role. Almost all technical documents produced by our team will be shared with clients, investors and other important stakeholders so these need to be of the highest quality. Equally as important is communication back to our internal teams guiding quality and efficient development efforts. 

  • Attention to details is also very important in this role. 

  • A self-directed worker with initiative to make intelligent decisions when immediate feedback and direction is unavailable. Our team works in a fast paced environment where immediate feedback is not always possible. 

  • Previous BA experience is not necessary for this junior role. Graduates are welcome. However, you must be eager to learn on the job and committed to developing your professional skills in this area. 

  • A bachelor's degree in a technical or scientific discipline is favourable but experience in a technical or similar role will be considered. 

  • Demonstrate through your own actions a commitment to Health and Safety at work when undertaking work or observing others in the workplace.

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