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Solving The World's Challenging Problems With Innovation And Technology

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What we do

Solta Pay

Solta powers the future of payments with new cloud-based payment services to meet the growing demands of a rapidly changing payment sector by providing specialised, agile and unique services to deliver innovations that transform payment experiences.

Solta Wallet

Solta Wallet is a secure modular wallet – a wallet with an “app store” that simply integrates many different services and platforms like loyalty, payments, credits, gifts, Identity/KYC, age verification, buy now pay later and more.

Collaborative Delivery

Through our collaborative development approach where we develop a very close working relationship, we are able to closely collaborate in the development of joint sprint teams, or provide specific teams to delivery on task within a wider project.

Integration Services

Through specialist skills and the development of an integration services platform that enables the rapid development and integration of API services, like Point of Sale System, Payment devices, data services, identity services and more.

Smart Transport

We have a lot of experience within the mobility sector, both through the development of software solutions and partnering with global players in the delivery of new projects.


With Fintech being the fastest growing tech sector in New Zealand, We have developed extensive expertise in building a broad range of digital financial solutions for several high growth firms and startups in the industry.

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